Liscombe Lodge Resort & Conference Center - Liscomb Mills, Nova Scotia, B0J 2A0, Canada

October 2016

Shipwreck Fury - An Eastern Shore Adventure

October 29

Nestled on the rugged coastline of the Eastern Shore, Liscombe Lodge is home to its very own shipwreck story. 

Just past Liscomb and Sherbrooke on Highway 7, is Gegogan Road. You hop on this road and travel for about 10km, past a landfill and up to an iron gate. This is as far as you can travel by car; the hike begins at this point. Just past this gate, there is a road on the right, this will take you straight to the coast of the Eastern Shore. 

On December 2, 1962, steel hulled freighter, the Fury, was blown by a storm into a sand bar off the coast. This is where it would come to stay for decades - and become the focal point of this hike! 

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Once you reach the end of the road, you will come upon the sandy beach and continue to your left. This trail goes for about 6km along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. 

You will enjoy views of the magnificent Atlantic Ocean and eroding bluffs. As you come closer to the ship wreck, you will notice evidence of the crash still remains in pieces along the shoreline. 

Just around the bend, you will come upon the wreck. It is easy to spot and hard to miss. So gather your sense of adventure and set off for Liscomb, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia! 

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Another Great Summer - Thank you!

October 11

As another season comes to a close, we cannot believe how incredible this summer was! From weddings to weather, we couldn't have asked for a more fantastic season. 

Liscombe Lodge saw more weddings then ever before, with at least two every weekend. We loved seeing so many families coming together, to see couples walking out our doors on the way to a whole new adventure and allowing us to be a part of that was beautiful. 

We had the honor of hosting a 150+ person family reunion, which took almost a year to plan! Also this summer, we were lucky enough to be Jamie Lyn's first adventure after the Children's Wish Foundation made her dreams come true. 

Even after 55 years, we look forward to May, when we open again, to welcome visitors from all over the world. See you in May 2017! 

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