Liscombe Lodge Resort & Conference Center - Liscomb Mills, Nova Scotia, B0J 2A0, Canada

September 2016

Celebrate Your Love at Liscombe Lodge

September 25, 2016 

We love, LOVE! Over the years, hundreds have couples have come through Liscombe Lodge and left, as husband and wife. This season was no different. We were lucky enough to have over 15 couples during our 2016 wedding season! 

Still looking for a wedidng venue? Give us a call. We still have 2017 spots available and we make planning easy!  Karen Wenaus, our General Manager and Wedding Coordinator, has over 20 years experience serving food, planning events and managing our incredible resort. She will assist you eveyr step of the way. 

Our Nova Scotia resort is buried deep on the Eastern Shore, it is the ultimate romantic escape. Surrounded by rushing waters, Mother Nature's creatures and lush forest, it is a fairytale wedding, waiting to happen. 

From our Riverside Lodge to our Executive Cottage, we have room for a good sized wedding party! We offer wedding packages that include extensive menu options, various bartending features 

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Thanksgiving Buffet Extravaganza!

September 20, 2016 

It's back! Our incredible two day Thanksgiving Buffet Extravaganza! 

For two whole days, we'll be serving up some incredible dishes, made fresh in our kitchen. From baked honey ham to a prime rib carving station, we have it all. 

Now what would Thanksgiving be without turkey? Our Nova Scotia resort is going to be serving turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy...and who cares about the rest, those are the most important parts! 

Check out our incredible menu below: 

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Liscombe Lodge Adventure: A Wish Come True

September 8, 2016 

Summer is the perfect time for adventure. From hiking to beachcombing, the adventures are limitless at Liscombe Lodge. But sometimes, there are limitations.

In 2015, Alicia and Kyle Spears were married at Liscombe Lodge. The couple was ecstatic to come back and celebrate their one year anniversary with us! A lot has changed for Kyle and Alicia in the past year and they were here to celebrate thanks to the Children's Wish Foundation

Alicia and Kyle, wanted to celebrate their one year anniversary with their blended family. Kyle's daughter, Jamie-Lynne, is an inspiring eight year old girl, whom has had many complications over the years, including Cerebral Palsy. Her wheelchair made for limited family outings, as it was awkward and uncomfortable for Jamie. 

The entire family including Jamie's mother, Helene, decided it was time for a change. 

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After being put in contact with the Children's Wish Foundation, the family applied for the 'More Wishes, More Wonders' program. The organization describes the program as "The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada is expanding our mission to include children with serious genetic and neurological diagnoses like severe cerebral palsy."

Jamie wished for a Hippocampe, an all-terrain wheelchair that would allow the family to take Jamie anywhere! With a Hippocampe, no trail would be too difficult, there would no longer be limitations to their adventures. 

After weeks of anticipation, the wish was approved! A weight was lifted off of the families' shoulders. The family began to work with Harding Medical to order the custom Hippocampe.

This past weekend, Alicia, Kyle, and Jamie came to Liscombe Lodge. They went for a hike, were able to have dinner as a family and they got to have a very special boat ride with Chester!

We're happy to say their visit was effortless and enjoyable! The blue soft chair can also be removed and used as a kitchen chair for dinner or used outside in the snow with Jamie's skiis! 

Thank you to the Children's Wish Foundation for allowing the family to celebrate their anniversary together at Liscombe Lodge. We're sure there are many more adventures to come for Jamie, Helene, Alicia, and Kyle!

The family would like to give a special thank you to Jacob Rafuse, Wish Coordinator at The Children's Wish Foundation and Marcus Parris from Harding Medical in Bayers Lake! 

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