Liscombe Lodge Resort & Conference Center - Liscomb Mills, Nova Scotia, B0J 2A0, Canada

Meet the Chef

Chef Anne MacDougall leads the Liscombe Lodge culinary team. Her love of food and passion for local ingredients can be savoured in each one of her signature dishes.

Chef Anne’s Bio:

Chef Anne started later than the average chef in the culinary industry; however, this did not deter her from achieving her culinary goals and aspiring to meet her own expectations. Chef Anne’s passion for food led to her career choice and she believes it was one of the best decisions she ever made. The culinary world is filled with exciting and wonderful ways to present and cook a multitude of menu items. A combination of her passion for food, natural curiosity to try new things, and interest in different food preparations, led her to this decision. In Chef’s free time, she enjoys exploring and trying new recipes!

In the beginning of Chef Anne’s time at Liscombe Lodge, she was responsible for the resort’s signature dish, planked salmon. Over the years, she has risen through the ranks and is now the chef of Liscombe Lodge. As with any career, education and experience led Chef to where she is now; creating new menu ideas, perfecting what already exists and loving every moment she is here. Chef Anne loves to entertain family and friends… and being the chef at Liscombe Lodge is entertaining on a grandeur scale!

– Chef Anne MacDougall