• Meditation & Mindfulness Weekend

Meditation and Mindfulness With Nature

Living the Life of your Dreams?

Want to CREATE the shift so you can say YES! This is the weekend for you!

Discover ways to brighten your inner light using Meditation and Mindfulness in Nature with Loir Taylor.

Explore ways to stand up, be your best self and live the greatest life.

September 28-30, 2018 at Liscombe Lodge

Your Meditation and Mindfulness package includes:

  • 2 nights, continental breakfast both morning, Saturday lunch and dinner
  • & amazing Mediation and Mindfulness and Yoga training in nature

Only $249 per person plus tax double occupancy

**Single, triple & quadurple rates available.

Book now by calling our team at 1-800- 665-6343

Weekend Schedule
FRIDAY- September 28
7-9:30pm - Welcome Share Circle, Earth grounding, energy alignment, Meditation and Mindfulness practice

SATURDAY – September 29
8am - Meditation Practice
9:15am - Breakfast
10:30am - Yin Yoga & Meditation (options given for the Yin practice) - we will calm, balance and improve our energy flow
11:30am - Outdoor Nature Meditation
1pm - Lunch
3pm - Mindfulness Practice
5pm - Yoga Misra also known as Yogic sleep, participants lay in a prone position and experience deep relaxation
6:15pm - Dinner
8pm - Fire Meditation

SUNDAY- September 30
8am - Rise & Shine Meditation
9:15am - Breakfast
10:30am - Gratitude Share Circle


Lori is a passionate, caring and outgoing Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Personal Trainer, Group fitness leader, Hiking guide, Outdoor Experiential Leader, Adventure team-builder, Nature enthusiast and Humanitarian.

She has been teaching Health & Wellness since 1996; and, prefers to teach in untraditional spaces; and, in Nature whenever possible. Lori has International Yoga and Meditation teaching experience in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Belize and Fiji.

Lori's love of laughter; and, living life fully, has taken her to meet mountains, temples, sacred spaces, oceans, trees, animals and people, all over the world. Places like Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, the Ganges and Himalayas in India, Machu Picchu and the Andes in Peru, Ankor Wat in Cambodia, Mayan temples in Belize, temples of Bali, etc.

Lori draws on a wealth of expertise and life experience to guide others towards better body, mind, heart and soul health.

Shift past the past, get present, create your future now.