100 Wild Islands

Nova Scotia is surrounded by beauty, mystery and adventure. The exploration opportunities are endless in this Maritime province. Wherever you turn you can find a new adventure, with a new view, and a new story. Much like the story of the 100 Wild Islands.

One of the newly discovered wonders of Nova Scotia includes the 100 Wild Islands. Did you know that there are more than 100 islands? There are actually 282 islands between Clam Harbour and Mushaboom Harbour. There are seven islands over 200 acres in size, including three over 500 acres, making them some of the largest islands in Nova Scotia. Some are so large they contain their own freshwater lakes!

This indescribable cluster of islands is only a short drive from Liscombe Lodge. This beautiful and undisturbed land is right in our backyard! Many people don’t realize there is a coastal risk across the province that are affecting the beautiful white sand beaches, wetlands, salt marshes, fresh water lakes and so much more! Nature Trust has taken it upon themselves to create awareness and protection for the 100 Wild Islands.

In just a few years, Nature Trust has successfully protected over 80% of the 100 Wild Islands coastal wilderness! But the work doesn’t end once the land is protected, The Nature Trust commits to protecting the conservation lands, forever. Which means they maintain an active stewardship program. This includes field research of ecological inventory, stewardship plans, recreation plans, regular monitoring, island clean ups and so much more!

Make the 100 Wild Islands a part of your Liscombe family vacation. Come explore the mysteries the Eastern Shore has to offer. Check out our family packages here.