Liscombe Lodge Resort and Conference Centre takes daily actions to reduce energy consumption including turning off lights, using water saving techniques, shutting computers off when not in use and providing options for greener travel. Our Nova Scotia resort aims to create a more sustainable travel experience for our guests by encouraging everyone to increase their green footprint.

Here are examples of what we do at Liscombe Lodge:

  • Eco-friendly laundry detergents and dish washing soaps
  • Recycle bins throughout the grounds of the property
  • Include brown paper bags for organics, recycle bins and clear bag in garbage bins in each guest room
  • Eco-friendly amenities in all guest rooms – soap & shampoo including the packaging
  • Harvest our fallen soft wood from trails for firewood
  • Hot water blankets on hot water tanks for insulation
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs where possible
  • Use energy efficient thermostat controls in rooms where possible
  • Use recycle paper
  • In addition, to decrease the use of laundry water and detergents, we provide our guests with in room requests. If a guest leaves their soiled towels in the bath tub, we will replace with fresh towels.