12 Month Planning Check List

Your wedding is a very special day and requires a great deal of planning.
Please use this checklist to help you remember all the details.

For a PDF of this checklist, click here

9-12 months prior to the wedding

  • Decide on the type of wedding. How many guests? Theme? Colours? How Formal?
  • Set a budget
  • Book the venue, site tour of facility, deposit
  • Choose a date and time of ceremony and events throughout the day
  • Plan the initial guest list
  • Select wedding ceremony & reception locations and make reservations
  • Shop for your dress and accessories (approx 5-6 months for delivery)
  • Start looking for a photographer, videographer, and entertainment


6-9 months prior to the wedding

  • Make an appointment with the person who will be performing the ceremony
  • Purchase bridal gown & accessories
  • Finalize a guest list
  • Arrange lodging for out of town guests
  • Choose your attendants, select and order their dresses (3-4 months for delivery)
  • Register for your gift preferences (1 -2 locations is average)
  • Choose a florist; have a consultation to find appropriate floral choices


3-6 months prior to the wedding

  • Order invitations
  • Send wedding announcement to paper
  • Double check that all bridal attire has been ordered and get approximate delivery dates
  • A decision on a wedding cake – photos, style, flavour,
  • Select wedding favours or gifts
  • Select and purchase wedding rings
  • Select tuxedos and colours for groomsmen and groom
  • Start addressing invitations and mail to guests


2-3 months prior to the wedding

  • Shop for wedding accessories, such as ring pillow, cake knives, wedding album and garters
  • Confirm all ceremony and reception reservations
  • Plan a wedding rehearsal
  • Confirm flower order with the florist
  • Ask family and friends to help at the ceremony and reception
  • Book all groomsmen and groom in for tuxedo fittings
  • Discuss your menu with the resort


One month prior to the wedding

  • Choose gifts for attendants and parents
  • Select the Groom/Bride’s wedding gift
  • Apply for marriage license
  • Send maps to out of town guests
  • Finalize reception menus with the resort, providing numbers for attendance, and catering wedding cake
  • Seating plan for dinner
  • Discuss floor plan for the reception with the resort – head table, cake, gift, guestroom tables


The week of your wedding

  • Provide the final number of guests for catering
  • Check all final details and florist
  • Have a girls day with your attendant’s if possible
  • Pack for your honeymoon if you are leaving directly after your reception
  • Copy of program to wedding coordinator at the resort


The day before your wedding

  • Arrange for the bridal package at the Spa – massage, manicure and pedicure
  • Groom and the guys hit the golf course if they are golfers
  • Greet incoming guests as they arrive
  • Meet with Officiant and rehearsal
  • Rehearsal dinner or arrangements.
  • Advise resort of any last minute changes

Wedding Day!

  • Hair and make-up at the Spa
  • Begin dressing about an hour before the ceremony – longer if you are having photos done prior to the ceremony
  • Breathe deep, relax and enjoy the fantastic day ahead!